Custom Platform Built for a High-End Meal Subscription Service

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April 16, 2021


Georgie & Tom’s is a high-end meal subscription service preparing small batch, handcrafted meals, delivered fresh, directly to customers’ homes. Georgie & Tom’s is quickly growing their range of meals to include over 100 choices.

Leading on personalization, customers are able to set preferences and a selection algorithm will optimize their orders each week based off of their preferences.

About This Project

In collaboration with Georgie & Tom’s, we helped them design and develop their website with a goal to increase website traffic and conversion rates while targeting the correct audience.

What Did We Deliver?

Feature-Rich Subscription Site

In the months prior to launch, we started by analyzing the existing e-commerce experience and conducting a competitive analysis of the market. Through different experiments and testing, we delivered a new appearance to the site and constructed a plan to build a platform that encompassed the business model.

How We Did It

Shopify and Bold Integration

The project’s number one goal was to provide customers with a unique shopping experience compared to other food subscriptions. We achieved this by customizing Shopify and Bold, completing the meal selection algorithm through Javascript and Python, building out a broad set of customer communication, and implementing AWS Lambda Scripts for automation.

Meal Selection Algorithm

The meal selection algorithm uses a combination of revealed individual and general customer preferences; and stated individual preferences.

Using AWS, we obtain our set of customers for a given delivery day via Bold API and then receive their respective preferences through the Metafields Manager API. Each customer’s preferences are then run through a python script that outputs their new selections, where their next order is updated through the Bold API.

Sesame Tuna from G&T’s


Georgie & Tom’s have established themselves as the quality leader in fully prepared meals. The range of meals has tripled since launching with Giant Machines, and the cost per acquisition continues to decrease indicating a high customer satisfaction.

“It’s quick and easy to prepare, and tastes delicious” — Georgie & Tom’s customer

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GM Editorial Board

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