What Does It Mean to Make Tech That Matters?

Giant Machines Vision Statement
Giant Machines Vision Statement

When we set out to describe the mission and vision for Giant Machines, we realized that our mission is the what and how. The vision, however, is the why. 

Our mission describes us as a digital transformation studio that leverages best-in-class talent to create leading edge digital solutions. Our vision? We make tech that matters*. But what’s with the asterisk?
We were inspired by Nike, who adds an asterisk and definition to the word “athlete” in their mission: Bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete* in the world. *If you have a body, you are an athlete.

That asterisk is important to us because everyone has a different understanding of what it means to create something that matters.

The nuance of meaningful technology

The technology we create is significant but also meaningful. On the significant side of things, we create sweeping, complex products that change the way a business operates, makes money, and serves its employees and users. But the digital products also provide meaning, leading organizations to make an impact in more purpose-driven ways. Our products have done everything from helping companies reduce their carbon footprints to helping people communicate more effectively with their doctors for prescriptions. 

“The tech that we build serves a greater purpose,” says Software Engineer Wendy You. “It can make an impact socially, environmentally, politically, and more, for the better.”

The influence of technology cannot be understated. How we choose to use that influence is a responsibility we take seriously, as it informs every client we choose to work with, line of code we write, and innovation strategy we suggest.

“I feel proud and motivated to make tech that matters because I know someone’s life can be improved,” Wendy says. 

The culture of tech that matters 

If our team isn’t inspired to work on their projects, the work will suffer, as myriad articles and studies have shown. Meaningful work leads to happier employees, better retention, better work and more hours spent creating that work, according to research from BetterUp.

“We have a conscience about who we choose to partner with,” says Senior Program Manager Betty E. Schlicht, who appreciates that GM’s work is not just about the bottom line but about aligning our company values with the company we’re working with and the product we’re creating.

Senior Product Designer Ken Liu thinks of tech that matters as people-centered, delightful, and designed to make lives easier. He explains that feeling connected to the problems we’re trying to solve and finding motivations within the way we solve them inspires him to tackle the work head on. 

“So much tech is just simple efficiency grabs or minor increases in convenience (or just to make money),” says Lead Product Manager Mike Nowak. “We think more critically about the kind of world we want to have and we don’t just ask if something can be done, but if it should.”

When contributors are driven by a genuine passion for change and a commitment to community well-being, their work takes on a deeper purpose. This is just one of many reasons Giant Machines has been consistently ranked a best place to work.  

The impact of tech that matters

True impact isn’t just measured in financial gains but in the alignment of our partnerships with ethical considerations. We like to look at impact as measuring what we value. Getting new business is always a goal, but if the product isn’t delivering what we value, we become irrelevant.  

“If you’re contributing to a cause, but your heart’s not into it, you’re not contributing to something that matters,” says Software Engineer Michael Castanieto. “Conversely, if your personal goals have no alignment with any communities working towards making a difference, your contributions will make very little, if any, impact.”

Ethics and values are the compass guiding the journey—of employees, clients, strategies, and products—at Giant Machines. Creating tech that matters isn’t a solitary endeavor; it’s a collective commitment between everyone we work with, and for. 

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