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Giant Machines specializes in the digital health industry, with years of experience designing and developing products for pharmaceutical companies and startups in the healthcare space.

We specialize in user-driven applications for digital health, leveraging design and engineering for direct to consumer applications.


In our experience, we've noticed certain trends in the industry. Firstly, digital health customers demand polished experiences. Products should be well designed and considered.

Secondly, patient outcomes are improved through consistent, multi-channel communication. This means your products should communicate with users through SMS, push notifications, email, etc.

And lastly, we understand that digital health companies struggle with regulatory requirements, so we build creative technical solutions that balance patient experience with compliance.

Mazy Dar

Erin Russel

Exec. Director, Consumer innovation & Strategy Accelerator, Allergan

Giant Machines was instrumental in getting our site built and off the ground in the early days. Most importantly—their people were great to work with!

Select Digital Health Clients

The logo for AlconThe logo for RegiThe logo for Spotlyte
A collection of screenshots for the Marlo product


MARLO is a platform that allows eye care providers to sell lenses directly to their customers through an in-office kiosk. Patients are then able to track shipments and reorders through a mobile phone. Built in collaboration with Alcon, Giant Machines has led engineering since kickoff in 2018, improving patient outcomes by strengthening the relationship between the patient and doctor. MARLO is currently deployed to thousands of eye care providers across the U.S.


Our client built an ecosystem of applications for managing and improving healthcare outcomes in retirement communities. Giant Machines led development of the Family application, known as Elovee, which provides an interface for residents' loved ones to remotely engage with and support their relatives' care.

A collection of screenshots for the Elovee projectA collection of screenshots of the Spotlyte project


Spotlyte, was billed as the BuzzFeed of medical aesthetics and has become a destination for all things beauty. We, in collaboration with Allergan, created a new content management system (CMS) that incorporated custom data feeds, an integrated chatbot experience, and a provider directory with geolocation features. The end result was a sticky, informative website that also allowed the end user to book online appointments with healthcare providers and chat with trained support agents in real time.