Design and Engineering leadership in fintech applications

Giant Machines specializes in user-driven engineering for fintech. We leverage UI/UX design to build modern applications for our customers in banking, insurance, real estate, and capital markets.

Mazy Dar

Mazy Dar


Giant Machines is a top partner who has delivered beautiful, performant OpenFin applications for our premier clients. Our mutual customers praise both their high quality designs and their robust technical architecture.
Mazy Dar

Tony Schiavo

CTO, Trumid

Giant Machines stepped in to lead on our front-end development and brought a crucial level of thought-leadership, expertise, commitment, and cooperation that was instrumental in helping us accomplish what no one thought was possible.
Mazy Dar

Eric Schmalzbauer

CPO, DrumG

In an extremely tight time frame, Giant Machines built and delivered a front end application for our API-driven solution, helping us demonstrate and articulate business value to our clients. They seamlessly partnered with our globally distributed team, while providing expertise and forward thinking approaches, enabling us to hit our timelines.

Select Fintech Clients

IEX Cloud

Giant Machines worked with IEX Cloud to conceptualize, design, and build a lightweight streaming stock price widget. IEX Cloud users can configure their own with a straightforward configuration tool in the IEX Cloud interface, and easily embed the widget on public websites via a small code snippet.


Giant Machines partnered with Bloomberg to build a reference application, dubbed Concorde, for Bloomberg’s packaged web application (PWA) offering. Bloomberg PWA allows a client organization to build and deploy HTML5 applications directly into the Bloomberg App Portal.

A screenshot of the Titanium dashboard


DrumG's Titanium Network offers anonymous price consensus and insights for markets to financial institutions. They asked us to design and help build the latest version of the product, which includes dashboards and multiple interfaces for people at different points along the price verification timeline.


Design thinking is now prevalent in fintech as users demand the experiences that they have grown accustomed to in consumer applications. This is especially true for the sophisticated workflows and complex interfaces involved in payments and trading where mistakes are costly and inefficient user experiences may result in loss of productivity and money. Early-stage user research and testing validates product success and de-risks technical investments.

Modern fintech applications must now be multi-channel. Users expect powerful desktop features and streamlined mobile experiences via web or native application. JavaScript is now flexible and performant enough to support your product wherever your customers want to use it.

Finally, your application must be interoperable with third-party APIs to support the seamless workflows that your users expect. Whether it’s real-time pricing, payment providers, or desktop applications such as OpenFin or Bloomberg App Portal, integrations allow you to leverage other platforms to increase your stickiness with your users.