Giant Machines is committed to a thriving society with a focus on racial justice, gender equality, social justice, and more sustainable communities.

GM Cleans up Riverside Park
GM Cleans up Riverside ParkGM Cleans up Riverside ParkGM Cleans up Riverside Park


  • Continue to foster a culture of learning and awareness
  • Provide time and resources for more members of the team to attend sustainability conferences
  • Regular Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) workshops
  • Leadership training in DEIB perspectives and awareness
  • Champion DEIB, Anti-bias, and Anti-racist training
  • Share out resources in the #diversity-inclusion Slack channel and help disseminate information and awareness


  • Continue to align ourselves with organizations and vendor partners who share our mission.
  • Ensure we make sustainable decisions including changes to energy consumption, and food waste, and general carbon footprint as we decide on office space, catering, company events, and other company activities.
  • Increasing transparency, achieved by implementing Greenhouse, an applicant tracking system (“ATS”) that encourages and supports best-practices in hiring
  • Fostering accountability by implementing requirements based on the NFL’s Rooney Rule for interviewing
  • Reducing bias in hiring through trainings and utilizing the Bonsai method
  • Posting some roles exclusively on women-centric job boards (Women Who Code)
  • Hosting recruiting events geared toward women and underrepresented minorities in tech
  • Host a fellowship program for bringing underrepresented team members to Giant Machines
  • Continue outreach efforts through recruiting programs with emphasis on diversity
  • Add Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) and racial justice criteria to Giant Machines investment decisions
  • Facilitate group sessions to create a space to share, learn, educate, and discuss
  • Add more DEIB and accessibility guides and perspectives to our employee handbook and our engineering playbooks as appropriate
  • Increase the importance of social impact to the criteria rubric for taking on new clients and projects
  • Explore remote work policies that align with DEIB objectives.
  • Build toward an annual report on initiatives including diversity report, compensation analysis, and a CSR report card


1% Pledge Badge

Giant Machines has committed to Pledge 1% of our time, services, profit and equity:

1% of our time

will be allocated to social good via group volunteerism and 16 hours/Year Volunteer PTO.

1% of our services

will be allocated to projects that will make large impacts on our partner organizations.

1% of our profits

will be donated to causes and organizations that fight for racial justice, social justice, and sustainability.

1% of equity

is pledged in the event of an acquisition, merger, or sale to go directly into a donor advised fund or to individual charities that meet our social mission.

What we did in 2020

Donated to NAACP
Meals donated to citymeals NYC

We've partnered with Flatiron School to create opportunities

We're proud to support the advancement of Black tech professionals by creating long-lasting change and working towards racial equity in tech.

The John Stanley Ford Fellowship at the Flatiron SchoolCitymeals on Wheels logo

We raised over $6,500 for City Meals in 2020