Engineering & Delivery

Work with us to develop and launch your next product.

End-to-End Development

You need a lot of things when developing products like web apps, websites, and mobile apps. That may be back-end development or integrating into existing systems. Or fast loading front-end web content and mobile apps. Or maybe you'll need a long term partner and the support that comes with to continue to evolve.

Giant Machines offers expert front-end, back-end, and full-stack development, as well as a diverse team of engineers who know the best practices, technologies, and methodologies to support your products over the long term.

Tony Schiavo

Tony Schiavo

CTO, Trumid

Giant Machines stepped in to lead on our front-end development and brought a crucial level of thought-leadership, expertise, commitment, and cooperation that was instrumental in helping us accomplish what no one thought was possible.

User Interfaces

You need to present data to your users logically, intuitively, and beautifully. We combine the optimal set of off-the-shelf technologies and frameworks with custom-built components to best serve your users, driving satisfaction and loyalty.

APIs and integrations

Back-end technologies are key to building sustainable, scalable businesses. That means servers, APIs, and tools to build, test, and manage fast, secure systems.

Our approach

We are built from the ground up to complement your in-house team. Our continuous handoff model ensures that you won’t need to start from scratch when you need to release a new version. Keep building on and enhancing your core.

We work transparently, shoulder-to-shoulder, and provide the training, support, and documentation you need to take over.

Engineering Capabilities

We are the full-stack engineering partner of choice for top brands around the country. Here's just a sampling of what we're capable of. We are always striving to follow—and help push forward—the industry's best practices.



Platform Integrations