Case Study


A new UI for an established trading system

Product, Design
Project TImeline
Q3 2019

About This Project

Giant Machines partnered with Bloomberg to build a reference application, dubbed Concorde, for Bloomberg’s packaged web application (PWA) offering. Bloomberg PWA allows a client organization to build and deploy HTML5 applications directly into the Bloomberg App Portal, enabling clients greater freedom in customizing their Bloomberg experience, while preserving the security for which Bloomberg is known.

What Did We Deliver?

We delivered designs that had four main screens: a watchlist, a list of active orders, the details for an order, and a new order form, plus variations and states for those screens.

How We Did It

Our process in the beginning was to understand the EMSX product as much as possible. It was different enough from the typical stock trading norms that it was important to really understand the information that users will need to see.

After meeting with the Bloomberg team and getting to the point that we understood the users' needs, we moved to wireframing and prototyping.

From a clickable wireframe prototype, we were able to move to high-fidelity design based on our agreed upon style approach. The final designs were a big success, and the Bloomberg team were happy with our work.