Case Study


Designing and coding a complex financial product with multiple workflows and independent user verifications.

Product, Design, & Engineering
Project TImeline
Q3 2019

About This Project

DrumG's Titanium Network offers anonymous price consensus and insights for markets to financial institutions. They asked us to design and help build the latest version of the product, which includes dashboards and multiple interfaces for people at different points along the price verification timeline.

A screenshot of the order history in the Titanium product

What Did We Deliver?

Giant Machines designers worked with DrumG's product team to map the complex workflows of price consensus, flagging outliers, providing evidence and more into a set of designs, all tied together as a clickable prototype in order to make sure all interactions made sense.

Engineers from both Giant Machines and DrumG then built the product according to those designs.

A photo of a whiteboard with early UX process drawingAll the connections for the Titanium prototype

How We Did It

This began with paper and pencil and multiple whiteboarding sessions to make sure the details were correct, before moving on to digital design tools like Sketch.

A screenshot of the Titanium dashboardA zoomed in screenshot of prototype connections

The designs were tested with DrumG alpha users for feedback and fine tuning. When the designs were finalized, Giant Machines and DrumG engineers collaborated to build the product according to the designs.