Case Study

One Drop

Optimizing the shopping experience along with a complete redesign that matches the brand.

Product, Design, & Engineering
Project Timeline
Q2–Q3 2020

About This Project

In collaboration with One Drop, we helped redesign and develop a new version of their website with a goal to increase performance and conversions. This was part of a larger effort on One Drop's part to introduce a new digital subscription product.

What Did We Deliver?

Over a four month project timeline, we did a lot. We analyzed the existing e-commerce experience for user friction by running usability tests, then we took those findings and applied them to a new set of designs that not only reduced that friction, but delivered a beautiful new aesthetic to the site. Then, our engineers coded and launched this new experience, with a seamless handoff to One Drop to continue to manage their website.

How We Did It

The project's number one goal was a smooth and enjoyable user experience. We approached this with a collaborative usability study for the existing website. One Drop and Giant Machines worked together to build a remote test in Userlytics, which gave us insights into the areas where users were experiencing friction. These tended to be areas of confusion about how to know if they've made the right product selections, or where they are in the purchase flow.

As we tested usability, our engineers were able to work on another key piece to good user experience: fast performance. We were able to incorporate image lazy loading so that images that aren't needed yet aren't downloaded immediately. Automatic image compression and resizing were also added to the back end.

To determine the right direction for the design aesthetic, we built several stylescapes, a mood boarding tool. These helped us communicate with the One Drop team about possible style directions, and after a couple of iterations, we landed on a style that everybody was happy with.

The product designs combined that style direction with the experience lessons we learned from the usability testing, and became the final designs to be developed by our engineers. Additional design work included custom animation elements for the home page.


The website was successfully launched on time, and our client was extremely satisfied with the results.