One Drop

Simplifying the purchase experience for patients with diabetes

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The Challenge

Every diabetes sufferer has a unique and personal experience with the disease, and the One Drop diabetes management platform strives to accommodate these varying needs. The One Drop team wanted to improve their user experience and reduce friction, in order to increase engagement and conversion, and improve lives.

Our Approach

One Drop's website is a key component of the product and service ecosystem, offering online shoppers configurable options to buy diabetes supplies on a one-time or recurring basis.

In partnership with One Drop’s product, design, and marketing teams, we set out to completely overhaul the Shopify & Recharge eCommerce platform. We worked within a very tight timeline to launch the key product pages and transactional functions in advance of the critical Black Friday sales day. 

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Our Solution

Using Liquid, GraphQL, HTML, CSS, and Sass, the new front-end experience and rearchitected back end simplified the product offering, and provided customers easy ways to compare different subscription options, view savings on bundled packages of items, and add extras into the cart.

We also built a set of content-rich pages to support marketing objectives, customer education, and improved SEO, including the migration and redesign of the Wordpress blog, FAQs, and Press Releases to the Shopify site.

To provide the One Drop team with capabilities to support rapid development of new product and marketing requests, our developers created re-usable page and section templates and wrote scripts in Node.js to greatly simplify the (otherwise painful) process of migrating code and content across Shopify environments.